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We are proud to offer multiple weapon mounts to meet whatever your illumination needs.

The WM10 and WM20 mount securely attaches your light to Picatinny and Weaver rails.  It is lightweight and precision machined aluminum with an anodized black matte finish.  The WM20 is an economical and effective way to mount any 1 inch flashlight on your weapon while the WM10 is proprietary to our smaller lights like the M10 and S10.

The X-WM01 and X-WM02 mounts allow you to easily attach a flashlight to weapons that do not have rails or other mounting options.  No gunsmithing or modifications to your firearm required! Made of hard anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, the X-shaped frame secures to the firearm with super strong dual magnets. The mounting ring accepts flashlights with 1 in diameter bodies (give or take approximately 0.1 in, with the use of silicone shims). The X-WM02 is taller to accommodate  flashlights with larger heads, like our powerful M3X Triton.

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Key Features:
  • Most weapon mount options are compatible with 1 in (25.4mm) diameter flashlights
  • WM10 and WM20 mount securely to Picatinny and Weaver rails with locking hex screws
  • X-WM01 and X-WM02 require no gunsmithing or modifications to your firearm by attaching with strong, dual magnets
  • the X-WM02 features a slightly taller mount accommodate larger flashlight heads

WM10 is compatible with:

WM20 is compatible with:

X-WM01 is compatible with:

X-WM02 is compatible with: