2017 New Product Launches

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OLIGHT 2017 New Product Launches

Leading a New Flashlight Era

 On June 20, 2017, as the leading brand for high-end illumination equipment, Olight held their new product launches for Q2 2017. There were four brand new products: X7R, PLMINI, M2R and HS2.

 In the past 10 years, Olight has created a large number of revolutionary products with the newest release products incorporating innovative technology. This product release received wide attention from the industry including dealers, distributors, we-media in China, and fans of Olight who attended the event.

 The first new product for this launch is the PLMINI known as the world’s most powerful compact weapon light. With a lightweight and small design, the PLMINI is perfectly designed for carrying on compact pistols. The PLMINI incorporate the Olight magnetic charging system underneath the body of the light allowing for direct USB charging without having to remove the light from a weapon. charging port underneath its body.  With a compact size, magnetic recharge-ability, and 400 lumens, the PLMINI is the perfect choice for a high performance and discrete carry.

 The M2R is our brand new rechargeable dual switch LED tactical flashlight, with excellent multiple functions within the flashlight body of less than 1 inch, making it the most powerful pocket-friendly tactical flashlight. This light is equipped with the latest XHP35 HD LED powered by a single high discharge rate 18650 with an output range of 1 to 1,500 lumens. The light features the first tail cap in the industry that magnetically charges directly from the tactical switch. Both the side and tail switch can control the ON/OFF of the flashlight, therefore meeting different habits of operation. While the stainless steel tail switch is also a port for direct charging, it is compatible with both the Olight magnetic charging cable and micro-dock. Both the flashlight head and tail use stainless steel to ensure its product strength and durability. With its lanyard hole and dual direction pocket clip, the M2R is the perfect tactical light to carry with you on any adventure.

 The rechargeable X7R includes new features like the built-in battery pack with four high capacity Samsung 3000mAh 18650 batteries coupled with an upgraded circuit board to catapult the maximum output to 12,000 lumens. The X7R includes a more ergonomic feel with built-in finger grooves for added comfort and grip, a hidden lanyard hole, and an innovative twist to open and close charging port cover which maintains the lights waterproof ability. Olight has started using motion sensing for quick location of the switch, and USB-C technology for faster charging.   

The X7R features a light sensor embedded in the flashlight head which when the X7R is approaching any object at a very close distance when it is on, its output will drop automatically to the low mode avoiding the risk of overheating or even starting a fire making it the safest ultra bright flashlight in the industry.

 The HS2 is an aluminum alloy headlamp designed for running and exercise lovers. It is one of the most compact headlamps, yet it is the brightest among headlamps similar to its size. The HS2 is Compact, lightweight, high output with two LED light sources for both the low beam (close-range illumination) and high beam (far illumination). The structure of the HS2 allows it to easily attach to the head strap. It uses a high capacity lithium polymer battery that can meet the need for 10-hour constant illumination giving an even more satisfying user experience. Meanwhile, it also features a beep sound low battery warning under a certain power level, therefore ensuring that the user can react and charge the light in time. 

 This event lasted for over two hours including new product demonstrations and hands-on experiences. The clients, fans, and media attending the launch all gave positive feedback, especially regarding aspects such as the innovation and user-friendly designs. With performance, interface, and configuration superior to the competing products, the new products launched will surely win the market in the respective categories in the lighting industry. 

 In the new products pre-order meeting, clients were vying to place orders. The safety and rechargeable functions of the X7R give this light a huge advantage over other ultra bright competitors. The HS2 include high performance in a compact and lightweight design perfect for night running and backpacking. there are few professional headlamps for night running, and people were confident in this unique offering. The long-awaited tactical  M2R and PLMINI received wonderful praises with a lot of confidence in their high performance. 

 In the ensuing seminar,  the guests from different countries and regions and the Olight marketing and sales department began to have in-depth discussions on issues regarding the current market status, demand, trend, and Olight’s competitive advantages in the industry. With a room full of experienced professionals in the industry, they were able to have a high-level conversation regarding the industry. 


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