R50 Pro R Dock -Discontinued

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The R50 Pro R dock is a custom-built charging station specifically made for mounting your R50 Pro inside a vehicle or fixed against a wall. This dock includes 3A fast charging that can charge the R50 Pro from 0-80% within 1.5 hours. The R dock also includes an emergency light function that triggers the lights low mode when the power goes out. This set includes two installation mounts, and two spare adhesive tape strips providing you with the option to mount the light in multiple locations. Get light when you need it the most.

Charge in the car or at home with the included wall socket AC adapter and car charger.

How it works:

 When the R Dock is connected, the charging indicator will glow green automatically. Place the flashlight on the dock to begin charging the light. The indicator will glow red while charging and glow yellow when it is close to being completely. When the light is fully charged, the indicator will show a steady green.

Emergency Light system:

The emergency light system will be active when the flashlight is placed on the charging dock. This function can be turned on or off through the switch in the charging dock. When using the emergency lamp function, make sure that the flashlight switch is aligned with the front bulge of the charging dock. When the external power is cut off, the flashlight will automatically light up at the low mode. When the electricity is restored, the light will switch off in 10 seconds. The emergency lamp function is unavailable if the light is being charged under the lockout mode.

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