Olight S1R Baton

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The S1R baton (S1R) is a side-switch, rechargeable EDC flashlight, powered by one RCR123 rechargeable lithium battery of high discharging rate, giving a maximum output of 900 lumens

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The S1R baton (S1R) is a side-switch, rechargeable EDC flashlight, powered by one RCR123 rechargeable lithium battery of high discharging rate, giving a maximum output of 900 lumens. The TURBO S model includes a 600 lumen mode and improved user interface. It utilizes a Cree XM-L2 LED. Coupled with TIR optic lens of high light transmission rate, it can deliver a balanced beam. S1R has five brightness levels and a strobe mode, covering an output range of 0.5 to 900 lumens. The outer appearance of the S1R follows the style of BATON Series. It comes with a magnetic charging cable. You may use a desktop micro-dok as an optional charger, which makes it easier to acquire the power source whether at home or outdoors, and make sure the flashlight is always ready to bring brightness to your life at any time.


  • Cree XM-L2 LED
  • Powered by a 550mAh RCR123 customized battery of five times discharging rate, giving a maximum output up to 900 lumens
  • The flashlight can be charged through the magnetic contact charging port (other batteries may also be used in S1R, but cannot be charged)
  • New 750mA portable USB charging cable
  • Brightness increases or decreases gradually: when the flashlight is switched on/off, it will light up or fade gradually to protect eyes from the stimulation caused by sudden brightness changes
  • Flat magnetic tailcap that allows it to be secured to ferrous metal surfaces as a hands-free option
  • Lockout mode can be activated on the side switch for accidental triggering protection, along with a low-voltage indicator underneath
  • Reverse polarity protection circuits
  • Timer Setting: Short (3 minutes) and long (9 minutes)
  • The standby current is below 30uA
Beam Distance (ft) 476
Beam Distance (m) 145
Max. Performance (lumens) 900
Charge type Magnetic USB charge base
Compatible Batteries customised RCR123A HDC
Light Intensity (candela) 5250
Light Form Wide/broad hotspot. Perfect for up close illumination.
Lens / Reflector Type TIR reflector (big, defined wide hotspot)
Mode Operation Side Switch
Form/Size Factor Small size (Car key / Zippo Lighter)
Series Series S (EDC, General Use)
Unique Characteristics <li>industrial silicone wide switch for optimal performance and longevity<br></li> <li>The size of a pinky finger. Perfect for a pocket or clipping to a hat for hands free operation<br></li> <li>No roll design with distinct angles. Magnetic charging offering the easiest way to charge your light on the market<br></li>
LEVEL 1 (lumens) 900
Run-time LEVEL 1 <p>900 lumens (~300lm); </p> <li><span style="font-weight: bold;">50m</span> (1.5m)<br></li>
LEVEL 2 (lumens) 600
Run-time LEVEL 2 <p>600 lumens (~300lm);</p> <li><span style="font-weight: bold;">55m </span>(1.5m)<br></li>
LEVEL 3 (lumens) 300
Run-time LEVEL 3 <li><span style="font-weight: bold;">1h</span><br></li>
LEVEL 4 (lumens) 60
Run-time LEVEL 4 <li><span style="font-weight: bold;">4.5h</span><br></li>
LEVEL 5 (lumens) 12
Run-time LEVEL 5 <li><span style="font-weight: bold;">33h</span><br></li>
LEVEL 6 (lumens) 0.5
Run-time LEVEL 6 <li><span style="font-weight: bold;">15 days</span><br></li>
Strobe Yes
Waterproof IPX8
Weight (g / oz) 54 / 1.9
Length (mm / in) 66 / 2.59
Head Diameter (mm / in) 21 / 0.82
Body Diameter (mm / in) 20 / 0.78
Led Cree XM-L2
Packaging Custom plastic enclosure.
Use everyday carry , car, camping, fishing, household, EDC, general use
Package Contents <li>Olight S1R flashlight x 1<br></li><li>MCC Magnetic Charging Cable x 1<br></li><li>550mAh 5C RCR123A Battery x 1<br></li><li>Lanyard x 1<br></li><li>Pouch x 1<br></li><li>User Manual x 1<br></li>

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