Olight flashlights are powered by different types of power sources, including AAA alkaline, AA alkaline, CR123A Lithium-Ion, 18650 rechargeable batteries, and our proprietary rechargeable lithium battery pack (headlamp only). Each has its own strengths. We have flashlight models to fit every type of need and application, with battery options to match.

The CR123A lithium battery is the best performer in terms of capacity, doubling that of the AA alkaline battery, allowing flashlights to generally have longer runtimes. CR123A batteries produce 3 volts of power per battery for most of their useful life, as compared to 1.5 volts from alkaline batteries. And with better voltage maintenance they are perfectly suitable for high-powered flashlights. Finally, lithium batteries tend to have a much longer shelf life and temperature tolerance than alkalines. The disadvantage of CR123A batteries is that they cost more and may not be as widely available, depending on the retailers in your area. Olight’s own CR123A batteries are top quality, high performance, and a great value.

While they put out less voltage, you can’t beat AA and AAA batteries for their compact size, economical price and ubiquity. They are everywhere, and make the cost of operating a flashlight very reasonable.

Rechargeable batteries take that even further, costing more initially but paying off in the long run by eliminating the need to continually purchase replacement batteries. Rechargeable batteries are particularly convenient for those who use their flashlights frequently, whether on duty or for work.

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