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-- Olight’s 10th Anniversary Celebration Event Started in Shenzhen 

 Olight’s four-day celebration event started in Shenzhen today on June 19, 2017 with a jolly atmosphere, with one hundred or so excellent dealers, distributors, suppliers and fans from 26 countries worldwide and all over China gathering at the headquarter of Olight for the congratulations and sharing of joy and excitement. 

 On the morning of June 19, clients in and outside China, suppliers, media and fans signed up at the Olight Institute. On behalf of Olight, the General Manager, Fox Fan gave a welcoming speech which expressed sincere thankfulness to their visit. Then, in the self-introduction session, everyone shared their own story with Olight in the past. Along with new partners, there were also old friends of Olight who worked with, and witnessed the development of the company in the past decade. They were all heroes who are essential to Olight, and Olight was thankful for their companion and encouragement.

 The guests were then invited to visit the Olight headquarters’ office, which include the office area, library, fitness room, cafeteria, exhibition hall, meeting rooms, training rooms and the lab, etc, all creating a humanized, friendly working atmosphere for all employees. During the course of the visit, the guests couldn’t help but be impressed by the office planning, corporate culture signs, value advocacy and the mentality of the staff, which were the essence of Olight’s corporate culture. Throughout the visit they also had a close observation of the passion, innovation, vigor and the challenging spirit of the people of Olight. We believe that while maintaining such a working environment, the company and its staff will prosper together in the long future.

 In the afternoon, the guests went down to the manufacturing base of Olight in Dongguan. They were given the opportunities for gaining hands on, even DIY experience of the manufacturing process and quality control of Olight products, with their curiosity fully satisfied. Meanwhile, their confidence towards Olight’s product quality was also strengthened. Among these activities, the assembly of flashlights was the one that most people are interested in, especially the fans of Olight who were carefully selected for this visit before the 10th anniversary. There were all flashlight fanatics, and felt especially excited while approaching the production of flashlights at such a close distance. Under the guidance of the engineers, they seriously worked with the DIY of the flashlights, and even began competing on who could finish the assembling of flashlights first. 

At 6 o’clock in the evening, the 10th anniversary celebration dinner party kicked off with wonderful sand painting and dragon drums. All the guests, along with all Olight staff gathered together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Olight. Fox, the general manager, expressed again a sincere welcome, and retrospected Olight’s path over the years. From 2007 when Olight was first established, to multiple times of crisis, opportunities, and the present high speed take-off; from the entrepreneurial team of 3, through the loss and gain of key talents, and the present day a strong workforce of hundreds. From the joining of the first client, to the market development, the joining of home and overseas friends, to clients from all over China and 83 countries and regions worldwide. Fox thanked partners, loyal fans and Olight employees for giving support at critical moments of Olight, and therefore helped Olight achieve what it is today. Everyone is hero of Olight. Hereby he pays a tribute to all their efforts made. In this great era of globalization, young as we are and filled with enthusiasm, let’s forge a new legend for Olight in the next 10 years.

 Jerko, the client from Netherlands talked about his story of working with Olight over the last ten years. He claimed Fox was a great partner, and Olight was a company with huge spirit of innovation. The high-speed growth in recent years had also predicted a bright future for Olight. Lin Gen, a supplier, spoke on the stage that over the last decade of working with Olight, he had witnessed its growth step by step.  His company and Olight maintained a relationship of hand-in-hand cooperation, and he also wished it to last in the long future. Gutoulong (Forum ID), a flashlight fanatic also told his story of the process from knowing Olight to becoming a loyal fan. So far he had collected around 100 Olight flashlights. The Olight company also thanked him for his great advice.

 In the banquet coming next, there were brilliant performances with strong visual and audio entertaining, including traditional Chinese Face-Changing, Kung Fu show, magics which pushed the dinner atmosphere to the climax, earning continuous applauds. There was also an interaction session at the end of the banquet which the guests enjoyed very much. 

 Time flies, and the banquet was coming to an end soon. At the end everyone toasted to wish a happy birthday for Olight, and also a wonderful future for this company. 

 This is going to be an event full of joy. It will not only show the positive spirit of all people of Olight, but also show the friendship from and among all Olight clients, and the ambition of Olight! Let us be full of thankfulness, bid a farewell to the past, with best hopes and wishes, get ready to work for and embrace the new glory for Olight  in the next decade. 


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