MCC3-C(Olight Blue)

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The MCC3-C Reel(Olight Blue) combines an MCC3-C magnetic charging cable and a customized cable organizer. Like the MCC3, the included MCC3-C features the signature magnetic charging port that delivers up to 2A charging current. It also features a USB-C connector, allowing you to charge compatible Olight devices via any USB-C power source. In addition, the sleek silicone cable organizer features customized notches on its sides for the cable and a circular slot to tuck up the MCC3-C cable. The MCC3-C Reel offers a convenient charging option while keeping you free from tangled cables.
Unique Characteristics
  • New MCC3-C cable: The USB-C end allows you to use readily accessible USB-C power sources, while the magnetic end quickly snaps onto compatible Olight devices.
  • The cable delivers up to 2A charging current.
  • Customized cable organizer: The organizer features two side notches and a circular slot tailor-made for the MCC3-C cable. It will protect the cable and keep it organized.
  • Premium materials: The cable is made of copper wire, TPE wrap and an aluminum alloy charging port, holding up well against daily wear and tear. The organizer itself is made of silicone and is soft and comfortable to grip.
  • Easy to carry: With the cable tucked in, it only measures 1.89x0.85in, barely taking up any space in your pocket or backpack.
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