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Series: Obag-Olight
Product Code: Obag EDCM
Indoors/ Outdoors

The Obag EDCM is a great EDC tactical bag with two compartments.

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The Obag EDCM is a great EDC tactical bag with two compartments. With nylon 500D Cordura as the main fabric and a Nylon 1050D front panel, it is wear- and splash-resistant, and highly durable. The two compartments with different pockets offer enough space to carry flashlights, tactical pens, folding knives, data cables, and other items. The inner elastic bands will hold your items in place for well-organized storage. The YKK zippers, durable and sleek, are used to open and close the bag quickly. The main compartment also features paracord loops for instant opening, and the Molle system allows you to attach the bag to your waistband with the snap buttons. Versatile and functional, the bag provides quick access to all the gear you need.
Unique Characteristics
  • Quality material: Nylon 500D Cordura main fabric and Nylon 1050D front panel for great splash- and wear-resistance.
  • Large capacity: Features two compartments with different pockets with sufficient space for your gear.
  • Inner elastic bands: Hold items in place for well-organized storage.
  • YKK zippers: Both of the compartments can be opened or closed with durable and sleek YKK zippers.
  • Paracord loops: The main compartment can be opened in an instant up to 180 degrees with the two paracord loops.
  • Molle System: Can be attached to your waistband or other equipment with the snap buttons on its back.
    Body Material Nylon 500D Cordura
    Size 191*127mm*64mm
    Weight (g / oz) 245g/8.64oz
    Use Everyday Carry, Outdoor

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