Olight Summer Sale 2021

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Olight Summer Sale 2021

Go Explore Your Summer Night

 This summer, Olight is going to host a huge sales event starting on July 26th. Due to the fact that this sale is happening in the middle of summer, Olight named the event Summer sales.

 What's different from the past is that Olight will launch new products involving multiple flashlight series, including pistol lights, tactical lights, and a brand new penlight. Besides obvious performance improvements with these new products, they are available in a variety of limited edition colors and materials exclusive for this sale. Spoiler alert, the design concept of the the limited editions for the Summer Sales are based on the four elements including water, fire, earth, and air. This is actually the first time Olight has applied etching technology to the body of a product, presenting a three-dimensional and hierarchical sense.

 In particular, a mysterious, exclusive new product will be released in the Summer Sale. This never-before-seen item of Olight will make customers' EDC gear further complete. Olightcustomers can participate in various activities while guessing what the new product is, and winners will receive the secret prizes!

 Apart from new arrivals, some of the favorite existing products will also have incredible discounts during the Summer Sale. Customers who participate in the Summer Sale will receive unique gifts prepared by Olight. These gifts signify how grand the Summer Sale is to Olight and how Olight truly enjoy giving back to customers who have been supporting Olight all along.



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